Story of Hong


Why Hong for the name of our restaurant?  Three reasons, really. First, the meaning of Hong鸿 in Chinese is swan goose. There is an old Chinese saying” A sparrow never can understand the aims(ambitions)of a swan goose.” Second, Hong is one of our partners’ name. Last, Hong has the same sound as the word for color red which always means hot and popular in China. So, our team thinks Hong best describes who we are. We are a group of young people with ambitions to be successful. We desire our restaurant to be a hot spot in town.

The purpose of Hong Asian Noodle Bar. Why noodles? In the beginning, we had no idea what type of food we wanted to do. A friend suggested to us an idea about noodles. Of course! A lot of vivid memories appeared in our minds. A bowl of hot noodles by mother always ready for us on our birthday, a round table with the whole family making dumplings on holidays, and a steaming delicious bun for breakfast. That is it - noodles! That is all we need and all we want to share our happiness.

A serious problem occurred to us. We all have 7-8 years of restaurant experience; however, we do not know a lot about noodles! Only one of the partners had learned hand-pulled noodles in China. Well, Covid-19 in 2020 was a challenge, but also an opportunity. We have had been locked at home, but this gave us the time we needed to study the best noodle techniques. By following Ramen Master Liang and Bun Master Li for a year, we developed and perfected our skills. Here we are today - working hard to share our dream and our food with you!